American Psychological Association

Use the APA CITATION STYLE (6th ed) to avoid PLAGIARISM by giving PROPER CREDIT to those people whose ideas you use in your projects & assignments.


define a word / phrase plagiarism = the act of taking and using the whole or any part of another person’s work and presenting it as your own work without proper acknowledgement

define a word / phrase in text citations = citing your source in the middle of your text when quoting or paraphrasing

define a word / phrase reference list = alphabetical list of all the books, images, web pages, newspaper, and journal or magazine articles used in your assignment

Extra links

[i] plagiarism video created by the University of Bergen (subtitles but worth watching!)

[ii] APA Style Blog at

[iii] Son of Citation Machine (use Manual entry mode!)


[v] Mendeley Reference Manager


NOTE: DO NOT use IE8 – this very old version of IE makes the pages look horrible!


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